Forgive Yourselves…

Keepers of the Light &
The Universe has your Back

Credit for the Oracle Cards words and art to:
Kyle Gray & Lily Moses,
Gabrielle Bernstein & Micaela Ezra

Credit to Gemma Nelson for the heart channelling to accompany the messages of the cards.


‘You are on the path of light, love and forgiveness. Father healing is possible at this time’.

The Key to Prayer is to Forget…
… What I Think I Need

True Healing Occurs When…
… I Give Myself Permission
… To Feel Whatever Feelings
Live Below The Triggers…


Dear Hearts I come to you now within the energy of how you recognise me and what ever is comfortable for you, I am many things and many beings and I fit within many religions so that I am accessible for you all, I am also an expression of male and female yet my female form is more recognised as Magdalene or Quan Yin for example.
On the school of consciousness we call earth I became master bridge of channelling the consciousness of all and therefore I work within each channel and expression of channel that is.

Many of you who decided you could operate without external belief systems a.k.a religion have felt averse to anything that is seemingly classed as religious… whether that be as regards God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and or prayer, this list is limited yet incomplete.
Know these things do not belong with religion albeit it is shared with religion and that your Divine Birthright allows you to access all connections…

Forgiveness is a form of letting go and doesn’t mean holding onto or embracing things that harm you, for anyone that disrespects you disrespects the Divine within you and therefore myself your brother and our mother/father.
So when we speak about forgiveness it is accepting we have learned all we needed for our highest good within those experiences/lessons and that includes knowing and forgiving ourselves if we accepted that part of that meant letting a behaviour or an Individual go.

May we all stand in forgiveness to our divine self in the now and show compassion that we can only do our best with what we have, know and feel and that my dear brothers and sisters is enough!

Prayer can also be classed as inner head chatter or heart based chatter, you can speak this internally or externally, either way trust that as you are a Connected part of the consciousness it will be heard by all connected to your divinity, Archangels, Ascended masters, Ancestors, Creator/God/Source, Gaia/Te.ra, Spirit, Star family & the Universe.
Your feelings are important to us and we must honour them by expressing, feeling and learning from them.

We are always with you…
Even when you feel alone, cold or sad.
Connect with us more so at these times even if to just offload or release your concerns.

Bringing all to the surface allows for healing and in the now the collective sees after much squeezing how much was hidden underneath.

We bring you compassion, kindness, love and forgiveness, allowing you to shed all that no longer serves us all, and so that we can be free to express the universe within yourself, so that all may be acted, done and said within Love.

Take all you need and disregard all that you do not, for I your Master brother empower you to do so…



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